Anagen Therapy, Inc. founder, James Britt is an industry leader with thirty years of hands-on clinical hair restoration experience. He has remained at the vanguard of new, emerging hair restoration technologies and was one of the first hair loss centers to offer cosmetic and surgical hair solutions under the same roof. His Nashville, Tennessee facility was also the first hair restoration clinic in the country to integrate laser hair therapy into a surgical/cosmetic environment.

Mr. Britt is a contributing editor to the National Hair Journal with a substantial body of work published on hair loss and emerging hair restoration technologies. Recent articles include “Low Level Laser Therapy,” a journey into light, “Poison on Tap,” chlorine in the shampoo bowl, as well as a definitive series on the “History of Hair Restoration.” Anagen Therapy was established in 2000 to address the specific needs of the hair loss industry as the door opened into a new century.

The hair restoration technologies and clinical products of Anagen Therapy are designed to support the surgical, cosmetic, and laser hair therapy programs of professional hair loss facilities and the individuals whom they serve. The advanced technologies and clinical products offered by Anagen Therapy have played an important role in overcoming the challenges associated with hair loss.

Anagen Therapy continues its leadership role in this important industry, investing in new technologies, while supporting the efforts of others who seek to provide viable solutions to those suffering from hair loss. Anagen Therapy’ motto, Nature is Our Laboratory is more than just a catch-phrase; it is a corporate commitment to develop hair loss solutions and products that are safe for our customers and in harmony with the environment.
Anagen Kit - includes
- Bio-1 Stimulating Shampoo
- Bio-2 Live Enzyme Cleaner
- Bio-3 Rejuvenating Conditioner
- Bio-4 Daily Treatment
- Hair Growth Solution
- Hair Revitalizing Complex capsules
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